From gospel to blues, with a world of string band and old-style bluegrass picking in between, the Blue Ridge Folklife Festival highlights the authentic regional musicians who have played Southwest Virginia’s music nearly all of their lives.  THE FOLLOWING WAS THE LINEUP FOR 2013:

Three Music Stages All Day, Something for Every Ear

  • AIN’T JUST WHISTLIN’ DIXIE:  A Rural Whistling Workshop
    • DON’T SHOOT THE PIANO PLAYER:  A Piano Traditions Workshop II
    • Larnell Starkey & the Spiritual Seven (High-Energy African American Gospel)
    • The Gerald Anderson Band (Vintage Appalachian Songs and Tunes)
    • Eddie Bond (Old-Time Blue Ridge Piano)
    • The Zephyr Lightning Bolts (Get-Up-and-Dance Mountain String Band Music)
    • The Northern Shenandoah Valley Shape Note Singers (Old-Style Harmonies From the Sacred Harp and Shenandoah Harmony Hymnals)
    • The Dry Hill Draggers (Get-Up-and-Dance Mountain String Band Music)
    • The New Ballard’s Branch Bogtrotters (Get-Up-and-Dance Mountain String Band Music)
    • Wayne Henderson & Friends (Hot Pickin’ and Songs)
    • The True Life Travelers (Sacred Bluegrass)
    • The Jeff Little Trio (Boogie, Rockabilly, and Old-Time Piano)
    • The Guard (Blue Ridge Bluegrass)
    • The Moose Family (Old-Time Family Gospel)
    • The Wolfe Brothers (Songs and Tunes in the Old-Time Style)
    • The New North Carolina Ramblers (Songs of Legendary Charlie Poole and Posey Rorrer)
    • The Mt. Calvary Holiness Choir (Full-Bore Holiness Gospel)
    • Jeffrey Scott (Crisp Piedmont Blues)
    • Rick Ward (Mountain Banjo Tunes and Ballads)
    • Greg Cornett (Rural Whistling Traditions)
    • Eddie Ogle (Rural Whistling Traditions)
    • Karl Angermeier (Rural Whistling Traditions)
    • Darren Moore (Traditional Piano Styles)
    • Gary Patton (Traditional Piano Styles)
    • Jeff Little (Traditional Piano Styles)
    • The Greg Cornett Band (Get-Up-and-Dance Mountain String Band Music)
    • The Eddie Ogle Band (Get-Up-and-Dance Mountain String Band Music)
    • The Wildfire Band (Bluegrass Gospel)
    • Appointed Messengers (African-American Praise Singing)

Click here for stage locations and individual set times.


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